About Joey J.



In 2013, Joey J. ™ was born from the mindset of wonderment. With this longing for places unknown, our mission is to strike curiosity into the everyday lives of those wearing our pieces. Joey J. Jewelry knows that the most authentic way to discover the depth of the human soul is first to lose ourselves within the seeking. Embracing new cultures, feeling the salt waves caress our skin, our lungs filling with crisp, mountain air, our inspiration is built from extensive traveling and exposure to culturally diverse places. We hope to inspire the inner “wanderer” and spark your desire for escape and experience while you traverse different parts of the world. With this intention in the forefront of our minds, our brand is meant to connect people across the globe through the expression of carefully crafted, detailed jewelry pieces that can be translated from city to city.


Keeping in line with our style and mission, the signature Joey J. look incorporates the mixing of blackened metals with 14kt gold overlaying sleek sterling silver with choices of genuine stones such as labradorite, blue topaz, aqua chalcedony, rose quartz, and amethyst. Each piece unique and special, they are designed with the aspiration of versatility, whether they are worn across countries, styles, or looks. Our pieces are intended to be stacked and layered, leaving room for your unique self-expression and the ability to go from office and casual attire to cocktail and dress ensembles seamlessly.


We harbor on keeping up with trends, staying true to our style and our mission while working to radiate a message of love and support towards individual self-expression. When you wear our pieces, you will feel empowered to learn and grow from new experiences every day.


Set off and embark on your next adventure with Joey J. Jewelry.

The Designer

     Meet Joanne Joseph, the designer behind Joey J. Jewelry. As a young girl, she’d often find herself sneaking into her parent’s bedroom, peeking inside her mom’s jewelry box, and selectively picking out pieces of jewelry to play with. After the establishment of her family’s jewelry business in the 1980’s, Joanne would often tag along with her mom to work, where she was further immersed into the world of jewelry and fashion. It was here in the office where her draw towards jewelry blossomed into a passion for design.
     It’s the culmination of growing up in Trinidad, migrating to NYC, and being nurtured within a family who values their opportunities to travel the world that has opened her eyes to the endless diversity and possibilities in life. The people, the architecture, the wildlife, the food, the traditions, the beauty, the fashion, the jewelry; it’s truly captivating. This exposure to these complex cultures and cities around the globe has had the greatest influence on where the inspiration for her designs stem from. To be able to see a number of jewelry collections by a number of designers in a number of different cultures has made an impact in her design process one way or another, and she hopes to spread her knowledge and experiences through Joey J. Jewelry.

     “My advice is to always go with your gut and stay true to yourself”. Keeping this in mind, she’s striving to bring something new to the table: something fresh, something empowering, something more than just a jewelry brand.